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Veteran Poverty Trends

Veteran Poverty Trends (PDF) Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs This Report presents Veteran poverty trends by comparison of age groups, disability status, periods of service, geography and Veterans to non-veterans. Analysis found that 6.9% of Veterans were below the poverty threshold for the period of 2010 – 2012, as compared to 14.4% of non-veterans. […]

Profile of Veteran Business Owners: 2013

Profile of Veteran Business Owners: 2013 (PDF) Source: U.S. Small Business Administration Veteran business owners and entrepreneurs make important contributions to business creation and growth in the American economy. Their active duty and reserve service often provides them with important skills and leadership abilities that are directly relevant to business ownership. Because the economic welfare […]

Infographic – World War II: 70 Years On

Infographic – World War II: 70 Years On Source: U.S. Census Bureau To commemorate this milestone anniversary of the Allied nations’ Victory in Europe (V-E) Day and Victory Over Japan (V-J) Day, the Census Bureau presents a wide range of statistics related to those who served in World War II. The topics covered include the […]