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Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2014

Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2014 Source: Statistics Canada The police-reported Crime Severity Index (CSI), which measures both the volume and seriousness of crime in Canada and has a base index value of 100 for 2006, continued its downward trend in 2014, decreasing 3% from the previous year to 66.7 (Table 1a, Chart 1). This […]

Shelters for abused women in Canada, 2014

Shelters for abused women in Canada, 2014 Source: Statistics Canada Women experiencing violent victimization often rely on social services that exist outside of the formal criminal justice system (Sinha 2013). In Canada, referrals to residential services and emergency shelters are among the most common referrals made by victim service providers (Allen 2014, Munch 2012). Using […]

Pink Power: The State of LGBT Spending in Canada

Pink Power: The State of LGBT Spending in Canada Source: Nielsen Across Canada, self-identified LGBT households account for 6% of total households: representation is stronger in Quebec (8%) and British Columbia (7%); Ontario and the Maritimes are home to 5%, while representation in the Prairies comes in at 4%. LGBT households tend to be concentrated […]

Drug-related offences in Canada, 2013

Drug-related offences in Canada, 2013 Source: Statistics Canada Research has linked illicit drugs to crime in a number of ways, including the involvement of organized crime in the supply and distribution of illegal substances (Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2010; Canadian Border Services Agency 2014), the social disorganization that can be associated with drug abuse (International […]

CA — Financial information of universities and colleges, 2013/2014

Financial information of universities and colleges, 2013/2014 Source: Statistics Canada Data for the 2013/2014 financial year from the Financial Information of Universities and Colleges Survey are now available. This survey includes the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) report and the aggregated data for degree-granting institutions that are not members of the CAUBO organization. […]

CA — Police-reported hate crimes, 2013

Police-reported hate crimes, 2013 Source: Statistics Canada Canadian police services reported 1,167 hate crimes in 2013, or 3.3 hate crimes per 100,000 population. This represented a 17% drop from 2012, as 247 fewer hate crime incidents were reported to police. The annual decline was mainly attributable to a 30% decrease in non-violent hate crime incidents, […]

US vs. Canadian Snack Food Industries

US vs. Canadian Snack Food Industries Source: IBISWorld When chips are divided into separate categories such as potato chips, corn chips and other, nuts and seeds emerge as the most popular snack consumed in the United States. The nuts and seeds segment includes raw, roasted and salted peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Nut […]